About Sweeply

Connecting hospitality, teamwork, and software

Our vision is to create a spectacular teamwork platform for hotels and vacation rentals where managers and staff can collaborate easily and joyfully. 

We are software veterans who have created products, consulted on management & collaboration, and operated hospitality services.


The leadership team

Petur Orri Saemundsen
CEO & co-founder

Petur Orri Saemundsen CEO & co-founder

Petur is an entrepreneur with 20+ years in software development. He started his career as a software developer and an Agile teamwork enthusiast. Before co-founding Sweeply, he co-founded and led as CEO, Kolibri a digital business studio. 

Petur holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Iceland.

Erlendur Steinn Gudnason
COO & co-founder

Erlendur Steinn Gudnason COO & co-founder

Erlendur is an experienced leader with 20+ years in software and telecommunication. He founded and sold a search engine company and held several leadership positions at Siminn, a telco. Before co-founding Sweeply, he was the CEO of Stiki, a risk management software company.

Erlendur holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Iceland.

Frans Veigar Gardarsson
VP of Products & co-founder

Frans Veigar Gardarsson VP of Products & co-founder

Frans is a software engineer with 7+ years of experience in software development. He developed software products at Mentor and Mint Solutions. Before co-founding Sweeply, he co-founded and led a vacation rental service provider.

Frans holds a BS in Software Engineering from Reykjavik University.

Petar Kostadinov Shomov

Petar Kostadinov Shomov CTO

Petar is a software entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience as a developer in different domains ranging from software for embedded hardware through security to enterprise software. He was a co-founder of Kolibri, a digital business studio. Before joining Sweeply, Petar served as the VP of Engineering for ActivityStream, a cloud-based operations intelligence service platform.

Petar holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Iceland.

Haukur Sveinsson
Director of strategy

Haukur Sveinsson Director of strategy

Haukur has 7+ years of experience in software development as a product leader, team coach, and manager. Before joining Sweeply, Haukur led product strategy and development for travel technology companies Expluria and Corivo. At Valitor’s Issuing Development unit, Haukur led two development teams as a Delivery Manager.

Haukur holds a MA in Creative and Media Enterprises from the University of Warwick and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from Warwick Business School.

Board of directors

Sveinn Jakob Palsson

Sveinn Jakob Palsson Chairman

Sveinn is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in hospitality. After graduation, he worked for Credit Suisse in New York, developing financial derivatives. He is the co-founder and CEO of Godo, a hotel tech company that develops a hotel management system and other products.  

Sveinn holds an MS in Financial Engineering from Columbia University, New York City.

Thor Fridriksson
Board member

Thor Fridriksson Board member

Thor Fridriksson is an Internet entrepreneur who founded Plain Vanilla Games in 2010, a mobile game development studio that created QuizUp, the biggest trivia game in the world. He is the CEO and co-founder of TeaTime Games, which is reinventing social games. 

Thor holds a BS degree from Reykjavik University and an MBA from the University of Oxford.

Olafur Andri Ragnarsson
Board member

Olafur Andri Ragnarsson Board member

Olafur Andri Ragnarsson is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first internet company in 1993 with an exit in 2004. Founded Betware, a technology vendor in the lottery industry, and launched digital solutions for several lotteries worldwide. Betware was acquired by Novomatic Group in 2013. He has a faculty position at Reykjavik University, where he teaches emerging trends in technology. 

Olafur Andri holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Oregon.