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Organize and empower

Hospitality managers use Sweeply to organize and empower­­ their staff: housekeeping, guest services, maintenance, incidents, security, etc.

Sweeply simplifies communication­ and collaboration­.

Simple and easy to use

What our customers are saying


Dorota Kwapisz

Operations manager


Sweeply gives a real-time overview of the hotels, making it easy to organize the work and track progress. Information about what to do is clear, and the staff can now work with minimal supervision from their team leaders.

Kylie Chenn


Wander Camp

I had tried many solutions before I found Sweeply, and most of them looked like they were from another era. Sweeply was the simplest to use for staff and managers and the most efficient in the field.

Stefan Geir Thorvaldsson



We manage hundreds of hotel rooms and other spaces, and having a real-time overview of what is happening in the business has dramatically changed our operations. Sweeply saves time and helps us deliver better service to our customers.

Save one day every week per employee

Our customer study with hotels of sizes 50-150 rooms shows that businesses can save up to one day a week per employee.

Housekeepers spend up to 15% of their time finding the next room to clean, and that's just one part of the whole operation.

Save time and money.

A work environment that is easily understood

When the work environment is easily understood, it minimizes stress for team members and simplifies the onboarding of new and returning employees.

Also, you can better control the staff's workload and get feedback more efficiently.

Create a better work environment.

Better guest experience

A great guest experience is about delivering on your hospitality promise.

What makes up your promise are your standard operating procedures (SOPs), and the better you control them, the better your guest experience.

When all SOPs are in one place, it is easier to explain them to your staff, follow through, and validate what has been done.

Deliver a better guest experience.

Modernize your work environment

Sweeply Engine automates your whole property

Sweeply seemlessly integrates with your property management system.


Step one

Map out your whole property

Set up your guest rooms and other public spaces such as the lobby, hallways, stairways, restaurant, outside area, pool, tennis courts, and even your machinery.

Step two

Connect your standard operating procedures

Create rules that match your standard operating procedures and connect them to rooms and spaces.

Step three

Get everyday tasks

Automatically get daily tasks for all your staff.

Maximize your efficiency

Your standard operating procedures automated as tasks

Stay on top of things

Real-time monitoring of your property

Know the status of every room and public space in real-time.


Rethink your hospitality operations

Sweeply simplifies housekeeping and task management for your staff.

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