Sweeply product features

Sweeply automates your everyday tasks.

Rethink your hospitality operations

Sweeply Engine

Sweeply engine automates your whole property

Integrates with your PMS.

Covers rooms, public areas, and other spaces.

Tailor Sweeply Engine to your standards.

Create rules and tasks for deskless departments

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Real-time property overview

Easily create a plan and assign your staff

Manage team members' workload

Units and workforce overview

Improved guest experience

Empower your team with work transparency

Minimal supervision from team leaders

More productivity and less stress

Clarity creates a positive work experience

Improved guest experience

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Excellence enhancement

Capture issues in seconds

All issues in one place for quicker resolvement

Improved guest experience

Create your own categories
๐Ÿ›  maintainance     ๐Ÿท minibar     ๐Ÿงน housekeeping
๐Ÿ˜ข lost&found     ๐Ÿชด yourtag


Understand your operations

Measure staff productivity

Optimize shift schedules

Track efficiency across different periods

Improved guest experience

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Guest choice & control

Coming soon

Digital generations want self-service

Cost reduction with opt-in and opt-out housekeeping

Guests create their own requests, which is more efficient

Improved guest experience

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