PMS Partnership Program

Join us to create a better work environment for hospitality staff

Sweeply Key features

Set up rules and get everyday tasks

Live property overview

Plan and assign tasks

My tasks list for staff

Camera-driven maintenance issues & incidents

Manager Reports

Customer benefits

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Save one day every week per employee

Our customer studies tell us that they can save up to one day a week per employee.

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A work environment that is easily understood

When the work environment is easily understood, it minimizes stress for team members and simplifies the onboarding of new employees.

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Better guest experience

When all standard-operating- procedures are in place, it is easier to explain, fulfill and validate them and deliver a better guest experience.

Why partner with Sweeply

Free trial

Sweeply has a free 30 day trial, so your clients can try out the product for 30 days free of charge.


Intuitive tool that makes it easy and painless to train new staff.

Easy onboarding

Onboarding is fast and seamless and can be started directly from your website or within you PMS.

Customer success

Highly motivated support team that focuses on customer success. Also, a knowledge base and online guides are accessible. Support is in English.


Two-way PMS connection allows automatic synchronization of room mappings & types and reservations.

Sweeply team

About us

We are a dedicated team with vast experience in the software industry. We have developed products, consulted on management & teamwork, and operated hospitality companies. Before launching Sweeply, we worked closely with leading hotels, vacation rentals, and cleaning companies to understand and fulfill their communication and collaboration needs.

More about us

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Borgartun 27, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland

Sweeply ehf.

Company registration number: 650615-0260