30. May 2023

179 hours less workload in one hotel


Background – Setting the stage

Keahotels, a distinguished hotel chain in Iceland, has been a harbinger of comfortable and sustainable accommodation experiences. Running an array of 3- and 4-star hotels, they have always been committed to meeting the diverse needs of their guests.


With a steadfast commitment to high-quality service, the hotel chain recognized the importance of efficient and tailored housekeeping services. However, the traditional approach to housekeeping, which involved providing daily services irrespective of guests' needs, posed an operational challenge. This challenge would eventually pave the way for a revolutionary change in their housekeeping policy, transforming their operations and guest experience.

Challenge – Rethinking traditional housekeeping

Keahotels, like many in the hospitality industry, had a traditional housekeeping policy. This policy dictated daily cleaning services to all guests, regardless of whether they wanted or needed them. The oversight in this approach was apparent: it led to wasted time and resources, and it needed to align with the wishes of guests who didn't require daily housekeeping. Daniel Fridriksson, the COO of Keahotels, recognized these inefficiencies and saw the need for a more dynamic and guest-centric approach to housekeeping.


Keahotels decided to experiment with an "Opt-in housekeeping policy" at their 3-star hotels. This policy would allow guests to request daily housekeeping services only if desired. To implement this innovative policy, Keahotels partnered with Sweeply.


Solution – An innovative policy and partnership

Together, they focused on designing a solution for the Reykjavik Lights Hotel. They addressed key questions such as how the policy would work in practice, how it would be communicated to the guests, and potential challenges that could arise.


Sweeply's role was instrumental in implementing the policy. They developed an "Optional Housekeeping" feature that allowed reception staff to record guests' housekeeping preferences, enabling housekeeping staff to deliver services according to those preferences.


Results – Enhanced efficiency and guest satisfaction

The implementation of the Opt-in housekeeping policy led to staggering results. In just one month, guests declined daily housekeeping services 71% of the time. This significant reduction saved 179 hours in housekeeping workload, allowing for a more streamlined operation and freeing up housekeepers for other duties.

179 hours

The benefits were more than just operational. This policy also led to a considerable improvement in guest satisfaction. Guests appreciated having the power to control the frequency of housekeeping services, which positively impacted their overall experience at the hotel. This was reflected in the reviews of Keahotels, the highest they have ever been. On May 20th, 2023, Keahotels operates 6 of the top 12 hotels in Reykjavik, Iceland, on Tripadvisor.

The outcomes of implementing the policy include: 

    Guests choose their service level 

    Less workload on staff 

    Less inventory used 

    More environmentally friendly 

Conclusion – A leap forward in hospitality

Following the successful trial of the Opt-in housekeeping policy at the Reykjavik Lights hotel, Keahotels has implemented it across all their hotels. This move is a testament to their commitment to constantly improving guest experience and operational efficiency.

The collaboration between Keahotels and Sweeply has set a new standard. They have demonstrated how traditional practices can be transformed by embracing change and leveraging technology. This innovative strategy is a beacon for other hotels and hospitality businesses, encouraging them to reevaluate their operations and align them more closely.

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